Let me ask you a question. How many of your Facebook friends really know who you are? How many of your Facebook friends have you not been in contact with for a really long time?

Facebook, and all those Facebook friends, can be a powerful way to build your Network Marketing business. If you are going to reach out to your friends on Facebook, it’s critical that you do it in a genuine and authentic way that allows them to connect with who you are and get the information they need to make a decision about your product, your service or your company.

My favorite way to do this is by using Facebook Live.

What is Facebook Live? Facebook Live is a live video streaming feature on Facebook that allows you to broadcast a live video to anyone tuning into your personal profile or company page. Imagine being able to broadcast anything you want, at any time you want, from almost any internet connected device and have anyone who is following you on Facebook get a notification and be able to tune in to watch you in real time. That is Facebook Live.

The reason Facebook Live is perfect for building your Network Marketing business can be summed up in one word: convenience. Not only is it convenient for you, but more importantly, it’s convenient for your prospects and your friends on Facebook. They can tune in wearing pajamas and eating peanut butter and jelly on their couch, while you engage and educate them about your brand. With Facebook Live, you can reach more people, in more areas around the world, and at more convenient times than simply hosting an event in a single concrete location. It’s a potent resource for growing your Network Marketing business.

Create An Event For Your Facebook Live

Once you’ve made the decision to “go live” for your business, the first thing you want to do it create a Facebook Event. By creating an event, you are planning your Facebook Live ahead of time and giving your friends, your followers, and your fans the opportunity to mark the date on their calendar. They have the chance to say whether they are interested, going or not going and this will give you an idea of how many people you are reaching with your marketing.

Think of the Facebook Event as both the scheduled time and the digital flyer for your Facebook Live. This will be the first impression that many people have about your Facebook Live, so make it count. Fill in as much information as you can about your upcoming event. The name of the event, the event description, and the event cover image all play a major role in helping prospects decide to attend. In addition, you might include an introduction video, links to relevant websites, promotions or teasers, and what they should expect by attending your Facebook Live.

Promote Your Facebook Live Event

Promotion is the key to having lots of people watch your Facebook Live, and there are two primary ways to structure promotions to grow your Network Marketing business. The first way is to promote on your own and the second is to promote as a team. Let’s talk about both.

1: Promote On Your Own

When you promote your Facebook Live on your own, it means that everyone who attends will enroll or purchase directly with you. People who attend will learn about the event from your individual promotional efforts. You can post the event on your personal profile, any pages that you own and even in related groups on Facebook. In addition, you might send information about and a link to the event by email or write about it on your blog. Whatever marketing methods you use, the most important thing is to get the word out.

2: Promote As A Team

When you promote the Facebook Live Event as a team, you empower your whole team to grow through your presentation, and you create the probability of having lots more attendees. Imagine if everyone on your team posted the event on their personal profile and any Facebook pages that they own. What might happen if everyone on the team promoted the event in relevant Facebook groups and sent an email about it to everyone they know. Promoting your Facebook Live Event as a team is a great way to both increase attendance – which makes the event even more powerful – and also help everyone on your team reach their personal goals.

When you promote your Facebook Live Event as a team, it means that attendees could enroll and purchase from anyone on your team who promoted the event. Make sure to use the phrase “Contact the person who invited you to this Facebook Live to get more information.” When you say this, it reminds your viewers that they were invited by a particular person and that they should get additional information from or enroll with that same person. In addition to this reminder for your attendees, train your team to make a list of everyone they invite to the Facebook Live Event and follow-up with everyone who attended as soon as the Facebook Live is over.

It’s Time To Go Live

When you go live, it’s time to showcase your personality and your authenticity. It’s time to show your audience who you are, the benefits of your products or service, and how excited you are about them. The point is to have fun! It’s important to remember that your audience wants to connect with a real person rather than someone who feels scripted and ingenuine. People do business with people that they know, like, and trust. Facebook Live is a great way to create this type of relationship.

When you go live, you want to keep it simple, fun, and engaging. Showcase your great smile, your enthusiasm for what you are doing and overall, just be yourself. Know that it is 100% OK to feel nervous, to stumble and to make mistakes. Showing your audience that you aren’t perfect let’s them know that they don’t need to be perfect to build a business with you.

Engage Your Audience

Engagement is #1 sign of a successful Facebook Live. You want your presentation to be received as a conversation between friends rather than a person with a topic and a whiteboard talking about a random subject. It’s your level of engagement that will ultimately determine how connected your viewers end up feeling with you and your presentation.

A great way to get your engagement started is to ask your viewers to “say hello” in the comments as they join the live stream. Welcome everyone to the presentation and, as you see the comments posted on the video, call each person by name and “say hello” back to them.

Once you have gotten everything started, it’s a good time to create more engagement and get even more people watching your Facebook Live. An excellent way to do that is to tell your viewers that if they share your video and post that they shared in the comments, you will give them a huge shout out during the Facebook Live. People love being rewarded for taking action.

Another way to get more viewers and engagement is to ask your viewers to tag a friend in the comments who they think should be watching the live stream. Reward those viewers who tag a friend with a huge THANK YOU and a shout out to both them and the person that they tagged. Imagine how that person will feel when they hear you call them by name. You want to get as many people tagging friends and sharing your live stream as you can before you get to the heart of your presentation.

Posing questions to your viewers during your live stream is another compelling way to increase engagement. Think of ways to ask questions to your viewers and ask them to post their answers as a comment. Not only does this increase your engagement, but it also gives your viewers the feeling of truly being involved in the presentation.

I’ve said it earlier, but it warrants saying one more time. Engagement is the #1 sign of a successful Facebook Live. Spend some time before you go live to plan out how you will engage your audience, and your Facebook Live will be a huge success.

Close With A Call To Action

One of the biggest mistakes that all marketers, not just Network Marketers, make is not to include a call to action. Think about it like this. You’ve done an excellent presentation, and your viewers are excited and interested in your product, your service or joining your team. But, you forget to tell them what to do. You just smile really big and bring your Facebook Live to an end. If you do this, you will be left wondering why no one joined your team and – even worse – your viewers will be left wondering what they should do next.

The most important thing you can do after your presentation is to give a specific and detailed call to action. If you want your viewers to purchase a product, then you have to tell them to click the link, click the button or go to the right website and purchase your product. If you want your attendees to join your team, then you have to tell them to call you, message you, click the link or go to the website and join your team. Whatever it is that you want your viewers to do, it’s your call to action that makes it happen. Whatever you do, always include a call to action in your Feacbook Live.

Promote The Recording

One of the great things about Facebook Live is that the moment you are finished, Facebook makes the recording available for anyone to view. This means that attendees can immediately watch your presentation a second time and anyone who could not attend live can watch the recording. This is a really powerful attribute for both you and your team. I generally leave the recording up for 1 week or until I do my next presentation. Once your event is over, post a new message to your Facebook Event page thanking everyone for attending and re-iterate your call to action. In this same post, let everyone know that the recording is available and encourage them to share the recording with their Facebook friends. By taking this simple action, you could double or triple the number of people that end up seeing your Facebook Live.

Facebook is the worlds largest and most connected marketing platform and it’s the perfect place to grow your Network Marketing business. Facebook Live is a powerful tool to connect with and grow your audience and it affords you opportunities you will never find in other forms of marketing. It gives you the freedom to present your product, service or opportunity in a non-threatening environment by simply being yourself and showing the world what a passionate and committed leader you are.

It’s time for you to get real, get honest, and have fun building relationships and growing your Network Marketing business with Facebook.

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