How in the world could we compare going fishing to prospecting in your Network Marketing business?

Think about it like this. Fishing is not just about catching fish. It’s also about learning to love the process of going fishing. It’s as much about simply going fishing as it is catching the big one. It’s about learning and getting better and better every time. The more you learn, the more fun and exciting the adventure and excitement of fishing becomes.

Well, prospecting is just like fishing. To win over your perfect customer, you must prepare the right tools and possess the appropriate knowledge. In order to add great people to your team, you have to learn to love the journey and always work to hone your prospecting skills. As you learn and as you implement new tools and knowledge, you will perfect the skills necessary to grow an amazing team and even land that next big fish. As your skills grow, your love for prospecting and your desire to prospect even more will also grow. Building your personal team will become a fun and exciting adventure that you look forward to.

Let’s talk about ten ways that prospecting in your Network Marketing business is just like going fishing.

1: The More Lines You Have In The Water, The Better Your Odds Are of Catching A Fish

Who has a better chance of catching a fish, the guy who has a single pole in the water or the girl who has two poles and the latest rod & reel? Of course, it’s the girl who has more lines in the water. Prospecting works the same way, and you should be utilizing multiple marketing strategies at all times. Whether it’s text message marketing, email marketing, using Facebook LIVE or attending meetup groups or social functions, the goal is to build relationships and build your prospecting list in multiple ways. The more lines you have in the water, the greater chance you have of meeting people who are interested in your product or service. By doing this, you keep your prospecting pipeline full and always have someone to talk with about your business.

2: Expert Fishermen Are Always Upping Their Game

A great fisherman doesn’t go fishing one time, try to catch the “big one” and then never go fishing again. Great fishermen fish because they enjoy it and they are always working to become better. Whether it’s buying better equipment, researching more effective lures or talking with other fishermen about the best techniques and the hottest spots to go fishing. Becoming great at prospecting works the same way. You have to fall in love with the process and consistently work to become better. There are always new tools and techniques and knowing the latest marketing trends for your particular market will most certainly increase your results. In addition to tools, tips, and tricks, networking with other great builders is an essential element to becoming great at prospecting and succeeding in the Network Marketing profession.

3: A True Fisherman Knows What Kind of Fish He Wants To Catch

I know that you have heard the saying, “There are a lot of fish in the sea.” That saying is certainly true, and a great fisherman knows exactly which kind of those fish he is trying to catch. Here is what we mean. A catfish is very different than a grouper. They live in different places, they have different habits, and they eat very different kinds of foods. Because of these differences, a fisherman would need to decide whether he wanted catfish or grouper before he went fishing right? If he wanted catfish, he would have to go where the catfish were. If he wanted grouper, he would have to take bait and tackle that were right for a grouper. Prospecting for your business works like this as well. Before you begin marketing, you have to know who your perfect customer is. It’s important to think about where your prospect hangs out and what marketing sources they frequent. Once you have identified who you want to meet and figured out where you can go to find them, you have to prepare marketing that speaks to their personal needs and desires. If you don’t, you might find yourself at a bad fishing hole and fishing with the wrong bait.

4: An Experienced Fisherman Knows Where To Find The Best Fish

We remember it like it was yesterday. There we were, lines in the water but not catching anything, and then it happened. He came right by us in his boat and anchored about 100 yards away. We watched him cast his line, and just a few minutes later he had his first catch. Why was he catching fish and we weren’t? It’s because an experienced fisherman knows exactly where to find the best fish. It could be because they know exactly what they are looking for or even because they go fishing more often. What’s important is that you gain the same knowledge as you get better at prospecting. It happens through experience, knowledge, trial, and error. Everytime you prospect for your business, you gain valuable experience that makes the next time even better, whether or not you are successful at making a sale. Every time you practice your skills and every time you share them with others, you become better. The better you become, the more successful you will become at prospecting and the more success you will have in Network Marketing.

5: Great Fisherman Want To Share Their Love For The Sport

We’re certain you have heard some great “fish stories” before. Well, you’ve heard those stories because great fisherman love to tell others about the sport and their accomplishments. It’s their way of passing on their passion and attracting others to something they love and care about. People who are great at prospecting and building their business share this same passion for helping others. If you are going to build a huge Network Marketing team, it is critical that you pass on the skill of prospecting to your team members. Also, one of the best ways to increase your personal skill set is by teaching it to others. Passing on knowledge – about any subject – requires that you reflect on and understand your own personal skill set and with that understanding comes the ability to grow those skills even more. If you want to continuously become better at prospecting and build an incredible Network Marketing team, one of the easiest ways to do that is to teach other people how to be better at prospecting.

6: If The Fish Aren’t Biting, Don’t Throw Away The Pole

Sometimes fish are finicky, and sometimes you are just fishing with the wrong bait. A great fisherman knows that it’s not the pole, but the bait that really matters. Remember those catfish and grouper from earlier. Catfish are bottom feeders, and grouper eat in the open sea. They are attracted to very different types of food, and if you are going to catch one, you have to bring the right bait for the right type of fish. The same truth holds for your marketing. Once you know who your perfect customer is, it’s critical that you use marketing materials that speak to exactly what they want. Many times, people use marketing materials that attempt to reach everyone, and they end up reaching no one. A single mom doesn’t have the same needs and desires as a college guy who loves sports, and it’s simply not effective to use the same marketing to meet both of them. If you are prospecting and the fish aren’t biting, focus on the needs and desires of the fish you are trying to catch and then change your bait.

7: You Need To Know When To Be Quiet

You may not know this, but noise can travel great distances through water and noise at the wrong time can scare away what could have become the catch of the day. A great fisherman knows when it’s ok to talk with their buddy and when it’s important to remain still and be silent. Silence is a critical skill in prospecting as well. Most people want to talk all about themselves and their product or service, but it’s much more effective to stop talking and pay attention to the needs and desires of your prospect. Often, simply by listening carefully, your prospect will tell you exactly they want and what’s important to them. With this information, it becomes easy to know if your product or service fits their needs and exactly the features and benefits to tell them about to make them want to do business with you. Sometimes, one of the hardest things to do is not talk, but it’s also one of the most effective ways to land that big catch.

8: Fisherman Love The Adventure, Not Just The Catch

A lot goes into getting ready for a great fishing adventure, and an avid fisherman loves it all. From preparing the tackle box, selecting the right rod & reel, choosing the perfect spot, getting the boat in the water and even to waiting with patience as the adventure unfolds, a great fisherman loves the whole adventure and understands that each part plays a role in making a great catch. Being great at prospecting requires the same mindset. The way you feel about prospecting – as a whole – will determine how good you become and how big you build your business. Because prospecting is a critical skill in building your business, it’s important to respect every part in the process. From determining your perfect customer, studying their needs and desires, creating or collecting marketing materials, meeting new people, growing relationships and even working with your team to develop their skills, an experienced prospector knows the importance of each different skill set and respects the whole process of building an incredible business, not just closing a sale.

9: It Might Take Two To Land The Big One

Imagine this. You are standing at the back of the charter boat when all of a sudden the line goes crazy! You have hooked the big one, and now it’s time to reel him in. You’ve never been here before, and fear starts to set in. What if the line breaks. Should you pull, should you let out the line? What should you do? Take a deep breath and call your fishing buddy. You see, sometimes it takes two people to land the big one. The same holds true when you are prospecting for your business. From simply having a partner to hold you accountable to your prospecting goals, working with your upline on three-way calls and to edifying a partner, so they get the respect they need to do an excellent presentation, there is almost never a time when you should be building your business by yourself. Network with other builders and establish great relationships so that you can work together to achieve the success you deserve.

10: The More Your Fish, The More You Catch

Have you seen that bumper sticker that says, “I’d Rather Be Fishing”? Every great fisherman has one like it because, when you are passionate about something you want to do it all the time. What is funny about that is, the more you go fishing, the more fish you catch. And it’s not just about frequency. It’s also about practice. You seem the more you do something, the better you become, and the better you become, the more success you create. The same is true with prospecting. Do you want that bumper sticker that says, “I’d Rather Be Prospecting”? Well, if you do, then prospect more often. The more you prospect, the better you will get at prospecting, and the better you get, the more successful you will become. It truly is that simple. Maybe it’s time to buy that bumper sticker.

Being great at prospecting for your Network Marketing business is just like being a great fisherman. A great fisherman loves the sport and because of that love spends time learning as much as he can, goes fishing as often as possible, and hangs out with other people who love to fish. These habits, expose him to the newest trends that will help him land a great catch and even if he doesn’t, he knows that he is going to have a great time simply going fishing.

It’s time for you to approach prospecting the way a great fisherman would. Learn to love the process of prospecting and commit to steadily becoming better at your craft. Stay in tune with the latest updates in marketing and network with other great builders in the Network Marketing profession. Strive to pass on your knowledge to others on your team and help them to understand the importance of this critical skill. Commit to becoming incredible at prospecting and fall in love with the entire process. Becoming great at this important skill will change the way you feel about our profession and the very future of your Network Marketing career.

Prepare your tackle box because today is a great day to go fishing. Your big catch is out there waiting.

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